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Whittling Blank Set

Beginner-friendly whittling blank comes with a pre-cut figure, giving you a head start on your carving journey!


2 designs


  • A set of 1 person figure with a carving tool.

The person could be a man, woman or kid. Depends on how much you'd carve and add details to it.


  • A set of 2 figures ( fish & dog ) with a carving tool.

The dog could be a cat/bear/fox or any animals that has 4 legs!


Whittling is a practice that invites focus, offers relaxation, and stimulates your creativity. It's a pastime that brings you closer to nature and gives the carger an deep apprecation for natural material.


Measurement :

Each Figure : 3.5in x 7in ( Original size) -Finished item size will vary, depending on how you would carve. 



Safety First :

  • Carve away from your body, and keep your other hand behind the knife.
  • Ensure your tools are sharp - a dull knife can lead to unintended injuries.
  • Handling knives and other sharp objects in general should be done with great care.
  • Not recommended for children.


Quick Tips:

  •  Start off by releasing the figure from the frame.
  • There are four tabs around the perimeter. Cut from both sides to free the figure.
  • Don't work on fine detail until the very end.
  • Focus on the general shape first.
  • Work on rounding the edges of the figure in long carves that run along the grain and away from your own body.

Whittling Blank Set

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